What's In A Website Playback

What's In A Website Playback


Full Course Description

This mini ebook is all about what to include in a DIY website to convert those clicks to some ka-ching!  Always remember, confused folks don't buy...


Topics Covered:

  • Organization
  • User Friendly Level
  • Aesthetics
  • Analytics + SEO


Session Overview:



  • Understand website organization.
  • Understand the basics of SEO and how to drive your search engine ratings.
  • Know the differences in the benefits of some of the top hosting platforms.
  • Identify key aesthetic elements to create a visually appealing site.


Action Items:

  • Edit and enable key terms for search engine optimization.
  • Break down the full purposes ofyour website to better organize content.
  • Rearrange visual elements foron-brand appeal.
  • Identify and use the right platform to better serve the users of your site and clients of your business.


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