Visual Variation E-Book

Visual Variation E-Book


This mini ebook was created to assist in defining your visual brand identity both for you and the people that matter...


What's Inside:

  • Color Psychology
  • Font Psychology
  • Brand Photography
  • DIY Graphics


Full Course Description

Because "I just liked it." is not a reason to use your favorite color(s) in your brand or business.


This mini-lesson is for you if your favorite color is the only reason your palette looks the way it does or even if you just are not sure why or how your palette makes sense.


Session Overview:



  • Identify correct colors and variations to use to attractthe right attention from the right audience.
  • Understand basic font psychology to match yourbrand message.
  • Be able to understand the photographer selectionprocess and how choosing the correct one for yourbrand is essential.
  • Utilize the correct DIY templates and graphic elementswhen branding on a budget.


Action Items:

  • Break down, create, and comprehend your FULL color palette to convey to your ideal audience.
  • Take the necessary steps to Identify the correct photographer and visual team.
  • Choose font combindations that can be mixed and matched across your branding collateral.


Want a better understanding or just want to make sure you're on the right track? I got you! Click here to purchase the E-BOOK + PLAYBACK BUNDLE.

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