Content That Counts Playback

Content That Counts Playback


This mini ebook was created for those moments when you have no idea what to post.  You have photos, but not sure what to do with them or what to say.


What's Inside:

  • Content Strategy + Post Planning
  • Repurposing
  • Stock Piling
  • Color Mapping


Full Course Description

Did you know that at least 70% of your content should be original, or at least presented in an individual way?


If finding things to post is your daily struggle, this mini is for you.


Session Overview:



  • Understand brand-specific content creationg
  • Create simple strategy breakdowns for posting and variety in the type of content used.
  • Identify how and/or how not to use presets effectivelyto create an aesthetically pleasing feed.
  • Understand what to look for when creating a content marketing strategy.


Action Items:

  • Be able to customize yourmonthly strategy plan for socialmedia.
  • Read and understand yourspecific stats to compare toyour target audience.
  • Set goals to tailor your contentto them.
  • Be able to adjust the look ofyour brand content via basicapps.


Want a better understanding or just want to make sure you're on the right track? I got you! Click here to purchase the E-BOOK + PLAYBACK BUNDLE.

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