A Solid Foundation Playback

A Solid Foundation Playback


This mini ebook was created to assist in defining your visual brand identity both for you and the people that matter...


What's Inside:

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Messaging
  • Actual vs. Target Audience
  • Personal Branding


Full Course Description

Just an FYI, a logo is NOT the first step.


This course is for the entrepreneurs just starting out or even starting over and want to do it right for themselves.



Session Overview:



  • Identify what you do, why you do it, how you do it, andwho you do it for to establish what sets your brandapart.
  • Understand personal branding and how it plays a partin your product or service based business.
  • Be able to understand the need of your targetaudience vs. your actual audience and how it caneffect your business.
  • Evaluate your business legitimacy.


Action Items:

  • Break down, create, andcondense key elementsto generate an accurateand effective refined brandstatement.
  • Establish your ideal customeravatar and the correlation towho you currently are selling to.
  • Identify purpose andtransparency to your business.


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Please note: This item is a PRE-RECORDED session from a previous course.  For one-on-one or brand specific information, please visit thechloebrand.co to book a consultation or thechloebranding.com for full service branding work.